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Hydrogen (H2):

Consultancy and


As an expert in the field of "hydrogen", I can offer you my expertise based on experience from over 22 years of activity.

Explosion protection documents, occupational health and safety documents, HAZOP, CE advice, training and advice on safety are my speciality.

I can also look back on many years of experience and training in the field of "high-voltage vehicles".

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Hydrogen: properties and processes
158 slides + 8 hours of video
10 TL  à 45 Minutes

Use of hydrogen for sector coupling
100 slides + 6 hours of video
8 TL à 45 Minutes

Hydrogen: laws, regulations and approval
150 slides + 10 hours of video
13 TL  à 45 Minutes

Online video training courses on "HYDROGEN"


Experiences from more than 20 years of work in the field of "hydrogen" are passed on in a competent and entertaining manner.

Up to date

Currently the most up-to-date and comprehensive training material on the subject of "hydrogen

independent of place and time

Independent of time for each participant. No travel expenses for the participants!


A course scope and content specially adapted to your needs can be offered.


After each learning section, a knowledge test checks what has been learned and a certificate is issued if 80% of the answers are correct.


Please ask the training provider "Hydrogen International Institute (HII)" for the prices of the standard trainings.

Hydrogen technologies (e.g. electrolysis, reformers, compressors, storage methods, fuel cells and gas turbines) are becoming increasingly important. Course participants acquire important technical knowledge, are informed about legal regulations, learn to recognise potential dangers in order to be able to take appropriate protective measures for emergency situations.


H2-training with Mr. Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Christian Machens

Examples of the slides

Course #1
Properties and process technologies

Course 2
Sector coupling

Kurs 3
Laws, Regulations & Approval

To give you a small impression of the different slides, I have put together slide galleries of the three categories here.
To enlarge, simply click on the gallery.

Description of the courses

Hydrogen: properties and processes

This course includes 158 slides and a total of approx. 8 hours of video material.
10 TL à 45 minutes

Target audience

  • Employees who plan, build, commission and operate hydrogen plants.
  • Professionals and managers who bear responsibility
  • Project Manager and Product Manager
  • Technical advisors, trainers and engineering firms recently involved with hydrogen


Physical and chemical properties of hydrogen

  • The main basic technologies for production (electrolysis, reforming), storage (CGH2, LH2, MH2, LOHC), transport (as H2 and blending into the natural gas grid) and application (FC, CHP, gas turbine) of hydrogen.
  • Safe handling of hydrogen in the laboratory, plant operation and at the end user's premises


  • The participants know the properties of hydrogen, can assess hazards and work safely on hydrogen systems in accordance with the relevant legal standards after they have received activity-specific instruction.
  • The participants have acquired specific knowledge about hydrogen as a flammable and pressurised gas and can be assigned by the responsible person according to the legal requirements.
  • Persons qualified for testing can maintain their qualification according to §3 Para. 3.1(4) in the field of hydrogen or extend it to this field by attending this course (for Germany).

Use of hydrogen for sector coupling


This course includes 100 slides and a total of approx. 6 hours of video material.
8 TL à 45 minutes

Target audience

  • Strategic decision makers of companies who need to get a clear overview of what the energy transition and especially the "sector coupling" by means of hydrogen means and how your company can positively participate in it.
  • Technical planners who develop concepts.
  • Project Manager and Product Manager
  • Technical advisors, trainers and engineering companies that have recently started working with hydrogen.


  • Sector coupling: definition of sectors, challenges and potentials
  • Use of hydrogen in the steel industry, chemical industry, petrochemical industry (for the production of synthetic fuels), off-grid applications, grid stabilisation, mobility and heat generation.


  • The knowledge imparted enables the participants to make strategic decisions based on the current contexts regarding the use of hydrogen as a coupling medium of different sectors (green electricity, mobility, industry and heat).
  • The participants have knowledge of both the fundamental interrelationships of sector coupling and the applied hydrogen technologies and can base further strategic decision-making processes on this.


Hydrogen: laws, regulations and approval


This course includes 150 slides and a total of approx. 10 hours of video material.
13 TL à 45 minutes

Target audience

  • Professionals and managers who bear responsibility.
  • Staff involved in the design, manufacture, approval and CE certification of hydrogen systems.
  • Project Manager and Product Manager


The applicable standards (DIN/VDE/ISO) for the most important safety topics are presented and explained.

  • Risk assessment (TRBS1111) according to the German Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health (BetrSichV)
  • Installations in the H2-Ex area (primary, secondary and tertiary explosion protection): TRGS 722,723,724,725
  • Electrostatic in H2-Ex areas: TRGS727
  • Fire prevention TRGS800
  • Units for use in H2-Ex areas: ATEX95
  • Pressure Equipment Directive (PED)
  • H2 as fuel (warranty): DIN/EN17124
  • H2 filling stations: DIN/EN17127
  • Safety of: Pressure accumulators, LH2 accumulators (DIN/ISO13985), FC stacks and FC plants (DIN/ISO62282), Electrolysis plants (DIN/ISO22734)
  • Requirements of the rescue services according to BetrSichV
  • Application procedure for H2 plants in Germany


  • The knowledge imparted enables the participants to independently find their way around the relevant regulations and provides detailed, legally secure, up-to-date knowledge of the specific regulations for the planning, construction and operation of H2 plants and systems.
  • The application and approval process for a hydrogen production and filling station will be presented as an example and the participants will learn which legal instruments can be used to plan, apply for, approve, build and operate H2 plants.


in theory and practice

  • Safety analyses (HAZOP according to IEC Standard 61882/ FMEA) for hydrogen systems and HV vehicles
  • Consulting and training in the field of hydrogen, battery and hybrid vehicles (passenger cars / commercial vehicles / ships)
  • Advice on hazard analyses and the preparation of work instructions (H2 and HV)
  • Advice and training in the field of hydrogen technology (filling stations and infrastructure / electrolysis / fuel cells)
  • Advice and training "Electromobility" according to "DGUV209-093″. All levels: E,1E (FuP), 2E: FVH, 3E: AuS, as well as S, 1S, 2S, 3S as well as Responsible Electrician (VEfK).
  • Independent expert opinions in the field of hydrogen technology (filling stations, electrolysis, compressors, storage, complete systems, fuel cell systems)
  • Expert opinion and advice on explosion protection (explosion protection document for hydrogen installations and other critical applications)
  • Market research, market analysis and product research in the above-mentioned areas
  • Application and project management of funding projects (EU / D / Regional)
  • Preparation and support of approvals for hydrogen systems
  • Technology assessment
  • Translations of technical texts into English (and vice versa)

My offer to you:

Consultancy and trainings on the following subjects


Expertise and HAZOP
(according to IEC standard 61882)

of hydrogen plants (fuel cells, electrolysers, storage tanks, compressors and filling stations), certification preparation


Since 2006, international lecturer and train-the-trainer for electromobility with a lot of practical experience, e.g. occupational safety when working under voltage on various HV vehicles.

Occupational safety and explosion protection


Drawing up risk assessments and work instructions. Selection of suitable PPE and tools

Creation of Explosion protection documents and operating instructions



Consultancy and trainings on the following subjects


Pre-certification and approval preparation of hydrogen technology systems such as electrolysers, fuel cells, storage tanks up to the complete hydrogen filling station, generation plant or fuel cell plant).


Safety assessments of hydrogen systems such as filling stations, electrolysis plants or fuel cell systems


Customer-specific, legally compliant analysis and advice regarding the training requirements of employees

Hydrogen training with Dipl.-Ing. Energietechnik Christian Machens (DVGW, DWV, VDE, DECHEMA)

You need further information or details?


Counselling and schooling on the following topics:



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